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Friday, August 14, 2009

粘土艺术clay art

很多学生会问我为什么还用纸粘土(paper clay), 其实每一种粘土都有它特有的性质, 看你是用来做什么~~

树脂土Resin clay, 2.5cm
市场上有很多书有介绍树脂泥(resin clay), 轻便好用,有颜色和纯白的,也可自行混合颜色。用来制作小巧饰物延展性很好, 可自然风干,有塑胶的质感, 耐碰。 作为人形塑造效果不大好, 质感不出来~~@_@
Air Dry Resin clay, for cutie little ornaments such as miniatures making. Slightly elastic after dried. Able to mixed with acrylic paint.

Polymer clay, 8 cm in height
Polymer clay 是一种适合用作精细小巧饰品,也适合制作模型,
不能自然风干,烤透变得坚硬耐碰。有多种颜色。持续揉捏会使泥变软,好用, 只是要烤有些麻烦~~^^
Polymer clay can be harden in a home oven, when properly cured, most clays create items that will not break if dropped or normally stessed, and it's available in many colours.
Super sculpey, 15 cm in height
Super sculpey是很多模型制作者在用着的,肌肤色,烤透坚硬,耐碰。可用喷笔和压克力上色。很好用,细腻的部分能很好的表现出来,只要不烤就能继续变~~^^
Super sculpey is used by movie animation studio and professionals worldwide. Beige- pink clay that has excellent modelling and tooling qualities. Can be painted with acrylics after it has been hardened in the oven.
纸粘土Paper clay, 6cm in height
纸粘土Paper clay, 27 cm in height

纸粘土(paper clay),也是我的最爱, 可自然风干,作为人形塑造质感很好,有粉嫩的感觉~~ 纯白,可自行混色,或以任何颜料上色,再上保护色(varnish)。因为‘遇’风就会干的特性, 一旦掌握不好水份,过湿会粘手,太干会出现裂缝,这也是很多人不喜欢用的原因。 一般人会误解,纸粘土只是小孩的玩意儿,但只要玩的精,它其实是一门艺术~~
Paper clay is an air- hardening modelling material which is popular in arts, crafts and doll making. Once dry, pieces can be finished with any kind of paint.
CLAY ART , is a fully hand- sculpted, a unique work of art, and dozens of hours of Work.


旅人 said...

天哪,你的paper clay娃娃好像真人,很逼真。。。
可是paper clay不是很容易干了后不是很容易裂开吗?

faerie lee said...

paper clay 其实真的很好用哦(像卖膏药的)^^很细腻,作为摆饰品,其实没想象那么脆弱, 我十年前做的一些还在呐~~^^



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